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Christoph Brandner
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Kaspar Brandner
Markus Acher
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Ullrich Wangenheim

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Tied + Tickled Trio

Tied & Tickled Trio is a german electronica/dub/jazz band. The band shares members with The Notwist, Lali Puna and other bands from the Morr Music label.

top tracks
  • Ea1 Ea2 [T&TT Meets Opiate Downtown] 4:33
  • Tusovska Dub 5:40
  • Yolanda 2:38
  • Rara Avis 5:54
  • Motorik 6:25
  • Constant 7:54
  • Revolution 4:13
  • The Long Tomorrow 7:01
  • Mutant 5:03
  • Tamaghis 7:33
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