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founded: 1995
origin: Orange County, CA, United States
Dirk Lemmenes
Jeff Bellew
Jeremy Moffat
Mark Salomon
Neil Samoy
Ryan Dennee

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Stavesacre is an American Christian rock band from Fresno, California formed in 1995. The band comprises founder, frontman and songwriter Mark Salomon, guitarists Jeff Bellew and Ryan Dennee, bassist Dirk Lemmenes and drummer Sam West.

Since its formation, Stavesacre has released five studio albums, two EPs, one split album, one compilation, and one DVD. The band had a rough time with touring schedules during the tours for its albums Speakeasy and (stāvz'ā'kər) and experienced multiple lineup changes.

top tracks
  • Rivers Underneath 6:12
  • Keep Waiting 4:33
  • Gold and Silver 5:13
  • St. Eriksplan 2:45
  • Colt .45 5:45
  • Sundown Motel 5:13
  • Zzyzx Scarecrow 6:05
  • Disquiet 4:06
  • You Know How It Is 2:17
  • Wither (Reprise) 2:35
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