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founded: 1994
Ken Jay
Koichi Fukuda
Tony Campos
Tripp Eisen
Wayne Static

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Cult Of Static

label: Reprise
released: Mar 13, 2009
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  • 1.
    Lunatic 3:36
  • 2.
    Z28 3:09
  • 3.
    Terminal 3:37
  • 4.
    Hypure 4:15
  • 5.
    Tera-Fied 5:19
  • 6.
    Stingwray 4:13
  • 7.
    You Am I 3:00
  • 8.
    Isolaytore 2:46
  • 9.
    Nocturnally 3:50
  • 10.
    Skinned 3:34
  • 11.
    Grind 2 Halt 4:55
  • 12.
    Still Of The Night [Bonus Track] 5:04

about this album

Static-X's sixth album, Cult of Static, finds the nu-metal veterans steadfastly refusing to change their stripes. As they say in the album's title, Static-X have a cult that enjoys their adherence to all things that were nu in the '90s: riffs that grind instead of groove, merciless mechanical rhythms, vague drowning synths, all dressed with barking vocals. Static X don't develop their music as much as they hone it, concentrating on its barest essentials, then delivering it with precision and little flair.

Ten years after the group's platinum debut, Wisconsin Death Trip, Cult of Static is an album that pays that tribute to Static-X’s devoted cult of followers. Even darker than 2007's Cannibal, with longer songs and more loops and synths, Cult Of Static features the most crushing guitar ever heard on a Static-X disc plus Dave Mustaine of Megadeth ripping a guitar solo on 'Lunatic'.

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