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founded: 2003
origin: California
Alex Rodriguez
Beau Burchell
Chris Sorenson
Cove Reber
Justin Shekoski
Zach Kennedy

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Saosin is a five-piece band from Newport Beach, California. They formed during the summer of 2003, and are characterised by their powerful high-pitched vocals and melodic guitars. Their musical style has variously been described as post-hardcore, emo, and screamo.

top tracks
  • Voices 3:37
  • You're Not Alone 3:58
  • Bury Your Head 3:34
  • Let Go Control [*] 5:29
  • It's So Simple 2:47
  • It's Far Better To Learn 3:54
  • I Never Wanted To 3:29
  • Follow and Feel 3:19
  • Collapse 3:15
  • Sleepers 2:51
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