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founded: 2003
origin: Middleburg, FL, United States
Duke Kitchens
Elias Reidy
Joey Westwood
Jon Wilkes
Ronnie Winter

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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (also known as Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or RJA) is a band that formed in 2003 in Jacksonville, Florida. The band consists of lead vocalist Ronnie Winter, lead guitarist Elias Reidy, bassist Joey Westwood, guitarist Duke Kitchens, and drummer Jon Wilkes; all perform back-up vocals. Their debut major label album Don't You Fake It was released on July 18, 2006, and has since been certified platinum.

top tracks
  • Justify 3:28
  • False Pretense 2:29
  • Your Guardian Angel 5:21
  • Cat and Mouse 3:28
  • Misery Loves Its Company 3:16
  • Seventeen Ain't So Sweet 3:22
  • Atrophy 3:18
  • Face Down (Album Version) 3:12
  • Damn Regret 2:46
  • Disconnected 2:45
06 February, 04:32am by psycopenguin | comments (0)
I must say RJA has touched my life so much with their first cd i was blown away. Now that i have the second one i must say they get better everytime i hear them. They are such good artists. they have a song for every mood. I would suggest everyone who likes music in their catagory to take a listen. read more
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