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founded: 1996
Asdrubal Sierra
Asfru Sierra
David Ralicke
DJ Spinobi
Jiro Yamaguchi
Jose Espinoza
Justin "Niño" Porée
Mario Calire
Raúl Pacheco
Ulises Bella
Wil-Dog Abers
William Marrufo

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Live at the Fillmore

label: Concord Records
released: Jun 29, 2009
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  • 1.
    Dos Cosas Ciertas [Live At The Filmore] 3:50
  • 2.
    Believe [Live At The Filmore] 6:39
  • 3.
    (Who Discovered) America? [Live At The Filmore] 4:11
  • 4.
    Eva [Live At The Filmore] 4:59
  • 5.
    Saturday Night [Live At The Filmore] 4:16
  • 6.
    Cuando Canto [Live At The Filmore] 5:15
  • 7.
    Chango [Live At The Filmore] 4:46
  • 8.
    Love and Hope [Live At The Filmore] 4:57
  • 9.
    Como Ves [Live At The Filmore] 2:45
  • 10.
    La Misma Canción [Live At The Filmore] 7:54

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