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founded: 2002
origin: Victorville, CA, United States
Daniel Murillo
Justin Smith
Kris Comeaux
Stephen Fisher

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Lorene Drive

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Lorene Drive is an American Post Hardcore band from Victorville, California. They were formed in 2002. They were a part of the 2005 - 2007 Vans Warped Tour, 2006 Bamboozle (East & West) coast tour, and the 2005 Taste of Chaos tour. They are also Featured in "Amped 3", the latest in the fabled Amped series for XBox 360.

In 2006 Lorene Drive lost to Halifax in the music competition Dew Circuit Breakout on MTV. They have a full length release called Romantic Wealth.

top tracks
  • Kill Your Lover 3:18
  • Change of Occupancy 3:19
  • For the Rest of Us 5:32
  • Let It Go 4:01
  • Some Kind of Love 3:38
  • A Song in the Key of Sex 3:48
  • God Knows I Love You Kid 4:42
  • A Kiss Won't Make This Better 3:34
  • Lip Service 2:28
  • So Easy 2:54
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