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founded: 1997
origin: East Battle, Sussex, England, United Kingdom
Richard Hughes
Tim Rice-Oxley
Tom Chaplin

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Keane (pronounced /ˈkiːn/) is an English piano rock band that formed in Battle, East Sussex in 1995, and took its current name in late 1997. The group comprises composer, bassist, and pianist Tim Rice-Oxley; lead vocalist Tom Chaplin; and drummer Richard Hughes. Their original line-up included founder and guitarist Dominic Scott, who left in 2001. Keane are known for using a piano as their lead instrument instead of guitars, differentiating them from most rock bands. The inclusion of a distorted piano effect in 2006 and various synthesizers were a common feature in their music that back then combined the piano rock sound used during their first album and the piano rock sound which developed during 2005. For their latest tracks, Keane have used new instrumentation such as banjo, violins, saxophone and, once again, acoustic guitar.

Their first two studio albums, Hopes and Fears and Under the Iron Sea, achieved success in the United Kingdom upon release and very high sales worldwide: their multi-award-winning debut was the best-selling British album of 2004, and their sophomore sold up to 222,000 copies during its first week on sale in June 2006. In May 2008, both Hopes and Fears (#13) and Under the Iron Sea (#8) were voted by readers of Q magazine within the best British albums ever; Keane, The Beatles, Oasis and Radiohead were the only musical acts having two albums in the top 20.

top tracks
  • This Is the Last Time 3:28
  • Everybody's Changing 3:35
  • Somewhere Only We Know 3:57
  • We Might as Well Be Strangers 3:12
  • Is It Any Wonder? 3:06
  • She Has No Time 5:45
  • A Bad Dream 5:06
  • Can't Stop Now 3:37
  • Untitled 1 5:36
  • Bedshaped 4:35
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This is Keane's third single from their second album, 'Under The Iron Sea' and, unsurprisingly, it finds the band yet again sounding as if they've just had a quick rifle through Chris Martin's discarded songbooks before hitting the studio. The main problem with this single is that it is so ... read more
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Artist: Keane
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he sings sad songs in on top of a happy rhythm. ... read more
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