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founded: 2003
Jason Morris
Jason Womack
Juliette Lewis
Kemble Walters
Patty Schemel
Paul III
Todd Morse

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Juliette and the Licks

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Juliette and the Licks is an American rock band led by actress Juliette Lewis. Other band members include guitarist, Craig Fairbaugh and guitarist, Emilio Cueto , bassist Jason Womack and drummer Ed Davis. Their popular songs include "You're Speaking My Language" and "Hot Kiss". Juliette also did a cover of PJ Harvey's "Hardly Wait" and "Rid Of Me" in the film Strange Days before forming Juliette and the Licks.

top tracks
  • Got Love to Kill 3:45
  • Sticky Honey 2:21
  • Hot Kiss 2:44
  • Inside the Cage 3:59
  • I Never Got to Tell You What I Wanted To 4:33
  • Bullshit King 3:21
  • Get Up 4:58
  • Death of a Whore 3:55
  • Smash and Grab 2:47
  • Killer 2:18
01 September, 01:38pm by matthewhirtes | comments (0)
The jury's no longer out on Juliette Lewis. They've delivered a "Not Guilty" verdict. And the charge? Film star faking it as a rock star. Where once the likes of Keanu Reeves and Russell Crowe were condemned, Lewis leaves a free woman. On 'Hot Kiss', the first single off sophomore album 'Four Off ... read more
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