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origin: Harrisburg, PA, United States

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Glenn Branca

Glenn Branca (born October 6, 1948 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) is a highly-influential avant-garde composer and guitarist known for his use of volume, alternate tuned guitars, repetition, droning, and the harmonic series.

top tracks
  • Third Movement: Melodrama and Nuclear Physics in the Global Theater 8:58
  • First Movement: Slow Mass 2:26
  • Fourth Movement: Sacred Field 10:44
  • Symphony #6: 5th Movement 11:50
  • Second Movement: Radioactive Poltergeist Kitchen 1955 20:19
  • Symphony #6: 4th Movement 4:37
  • Structure 3:09
  • Symphony No. 5: 4th Movement 7:44
  • Symphony #5: 4th Movement 7:42
  • Symphony #10: 2nd Movement 14:20
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