stylistic origins: R&B, Swing Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll
cultural origins: Late 1940s Cleveland, Detroit, New York City, Philadelphia
sub-genres: 168
artists listed: 26,710
albums: 108,099
tracks: 1,576,971
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posted in track American Heartbeat by Jimmy Barnes
May 24 2010, 02:52pm by matty81 | replies (0)
members on this  matty81
lyrics my arse this site just speaks shit ... read more
posted in artist The Beatles
March 31 2010, 02:01am by thebeatles4eva | replies (1)
members on this  siewy, thebeatles4eva
(1) that the broke up
(2) 2 of them are dead

1. across the universe
2. all you need is love
3. and i love her
4. blackbird
5. come together
6. got to get you in to my life
7. i feel fine
8. if i fell
9. paperback writer
10. please please me
11. she loves you
12. ticket to ride
13. till ... ... read more
posted in track Misfortunate One by Pat Travers
March 18 2010, 05:35pm by golfglenn | replies (0)
members on this  golfglenn
this tune is great and pats guitar work is even greater !! wow this is way gooooooood ... read more
posted in artist Pink
October 24 2009, 05:21am by lolliepops | replies (0)
members on this  lolliepops
Pink has wrote so mant songs over alot of years. i'm in a band with my to buddies but if it weren't for pink we wouldn't even be in a band and not be able to express our talents.It makes sence that pink has and will win/won alot of awards!
Pink is one of my fav singers!
GO PINK! i think her real ... ... read more
posted in artist Metallica
September 29 2009, 09:12am by reinuko | replies (1)
members on this  reinuko, goinbananamashy
Master of Puppets definatly ... read more