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Artist: Don Ho
20 December, 07:05am by billsemail2003 | comments (0)
I was surprised that the lyrics weren't posted for this song, no a previous review! 1st of al, Don Ho is a Classic in his genre', and no less of a pioneer in his given subculture than Bob Dylan is in his nor Jerry Garcia is in his field of music. I was further surprised to see, or not see to be ... read more
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posted in artist The Beatles
March 31 2010, 02:01am by thebeatles4eva | replies (1)
members on this  siewy, thebeatles4eva
(1) that the broke up
(2) 2 of them are dead

1. across the universe
2. all you need is love
3. and i love her
4. blackbird
5. come together
6. got to get you in to my life
7. i feel fine
8. if i fell
9. paperback writer
10. please please me
11. she loves you
12. ticket to ride
13. till ... ... read more