stylistic origins: R&B, Jazz, Blues, Mento, Calypso, Ska, Rocksteady
cultural origins: Late 1960s Jamaica, especially Kingston
sub-genres: 28
artists listed: 892
albums: 6,314
tracks: 97,566
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stylistic origins: R&B, Jazz, Blues, Mento, Calypso, Ska, Rocksteady
cultural origins: Late 1960s Jamaica, especially Kingston

Although strongly influenced by both traditional African and Caribbean music, as well as American rhythm and blues, Reggae owes its direct origins to the progressive development of ska and rocksteady in Jamaica in the 1960s. Reggae is based on a rhythmic style characterized by regular beats on the off-beat, known as the skank.

Ska music first arose in the studios of Jamaica over the years 1959 and 1961, itself a development of the earlier mento. Ska is characterized by a walking bass line, accentuated guitar or piano rhythms on the offbeat, and sometimes jazz-like horn riffs. Aside from its massive popularity amidst the Jamaican rude boy fashion, it had gained a large following among mods in Britain by 1964. According to Barrow, rude boys began deliberately playing their ska records at half speed, preferring to dance slower as part of their tough image.

By the mid 1960s, many musicians had begun playing the tempo of ska slower, while emphasizing the walking bass and offbeats. The slower sound was named rocksteady, after a single by Alton Ellis. This phase of Jamaican music lasted only until 1968, when musicians began to slow the tempo of the music again, and added yet more effects. This led to the creation of reggae.

Reggae song lyrics deal with many subjects, including religion, love, sexuality, relationships, poverty, injustice and other social and political issues.

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