cultural origins: Early 1990s, Britain
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Progressive House

cultural origins: Early 1990s, Britain

Progressive house is a style of house music that is noted for musical progression within melodies and bass lines. The term was coined by Mixmag editor Dom Phillips. It has similar elements to both electro-house and trance, and has its origins in Great Britain in the early 1990s, with the output of Guerilla Records and Leftfield's first singles (particularly "Song of Life"). The music itself was produced with the 4-to-4 beat of house music and deeper dub-influenced bass lines, with greater emphasis on emotion before structural considerations. Often, it features elements from many different genres mixed together. “Song of Life”, for instance, has a trip-hop-like down-pitched break beat and a high-energy Roland TB-303 riff at various stages.

In 1992, the dance club Renaissance opened in Mansfield where DJs Sasha and John Digweed were instrumental in popularising its early sound. Other notable progressive house DJs include Dave Seaman (U.K.), Nick Warren (U.K.), Hernan Cattaneo (Argentina), Jason Jollins (U.S.) and Anthony Pappa (Australia).

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