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Country Blues

Country blues (also known as folk blues, rural blues, backwoods blues or downhome blues) refers to all acoustic, mainly guitar-driven forms of the blues.

After blues' birth in the southern United States, it quickly spread throughout the country (and elsewhere), giving birth to a host of regional styles. These include Memphis, Detroit, Chicago, Texas, Piedmont, Louisiana, West Coast, Atlanta, St. Louis, East Coast, Swamp, New Orleans, Delta and Kansas City blues.

Notable country blues musicians include Etta Baker, Robert Lowery, Blind Blake, Son House, Bo Carter and Charley Patton.

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As this whistling wind of yearning, cracked, fucked-up then crushed-up carcinogenic Blues permeates through to the back of my head with remorseless, pure emotion, then I slide in tanpanted thrall, enthralled, mucus-souled and puke-pined by an album of such immense whiskybrained quality that ... read more
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Artist: Henry Townsend
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29 January, 06:43am by musicman4926 | comments (0)
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