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Chamber Pop

“Chamber pop” is a term commonly used to refer to modern Baroque pop, characterised by an infusion of orchestral arrangements or classical style composition generally within an indie or indie pop setting. This style, with clear indie-rock inclinations, uses additional members in the band to create a fuller-bodied, more orchestral sound.

Many artists often highlight songs with unique instruments not found in most modern popular music, such as the accordion or harpsichord. The writing style of the genre often has a distinct narrative quality to it and often makes references to history, literature, philosophy and folklore.

Many Baroque pop artists of the past two decades include artists that are classified under several different genres aside from indie rock, such as alternative, folk, Americana, Brit pop, psychedelic and dream pop. Some current Baroque pop artists include Joanna Newsom, Andrew Bird, Rufus Wainwright, and Sufjan Stevens.

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