Artist: Usher
07 December, 05:58pm | comments (0)
hes cute or a huge fan of him..hes gorgeous a good r&b singer.either records or live,all i can say he's perfect!! read more
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Artist: Andrew Tosh
22 May, 09:22pm | comments (0)
" Son of The Late Great Peter Tosh, continuing the Legacy of where his beloved father left off, Bless, Steppin Razor ' read more
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14 September, 06:20pm | comments (0)
i never liked arabic music that much until i heard this wonderful fusion mix. The Arabic/Cuban mix is an amazing combination, Hanin, arabic vocalist has a very traditional voice and goes very well with the cuban music in the back. besides when the cuban guy starts singing, it brings a traditional ... read more
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Artist: Crush
03 May, 06:24am | comments (0)
CRUSH Review by Alex Henderson Crush is a name that has been used a lot in the music world -- various alternative rock, dance-pop, and rap acts have all used the name. Not to be confused with the British female dance-pop duo that gave listeners "Jellyhead," the Crush that provided this ... read more
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Artist: Don Ho
20 December, 07:05am | comments (0)
I was surprised that the lyrics weren't posted for this song, no a previous review! 1st of al, Don Ho is a Classic in his genre', and no less of a pioneer in his given subculture than Bob Dylan is in his nor Jerry Garcia is in his field of music. I was further surprised to see, or not see to be ... read more
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posted in track Miflati by Ted Pearce
August 14 2016, 10:15am by etoday | replies (0)
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Met Ted at NW Yovel 2016. Listen to on X box music by Microsoft. Messianic tunes. ... read more
posted in artist MC Ciccone
July 18 2015, 09:19am by dezi5 | replies (0)
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I was there , wrote 4 songs and helped with 2 , all were released without permission.
James Randolph (Razor Cut Records ) sabatoged this effort and wrote judgment day and kickin it ,showing his talent. Re engineered the songs after Marty fired him. Stole Passion city ,originally most wanted, ... ... read more
posted in artist Eminem
January 12 2011, 10:32pm by muzi | replies (0)
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I just want to know in terms of the latest album is it dedicated to you or you and your family as a whole? ... read more
posted in artist Junior C.
October 10 2010, 08:07am by freedreamer4 | replies (0)
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Please tell me where to find more music than this album by Junior C. Is this artist still playing? ... read more
posted in track One by Shapeshifter
August 28 2010, 07:59pm by aprilkeogh | replies (0)
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One of my favourite song EVER! ... read more
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