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So... How 'bout them Beatles, eh?
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March 31 2010, 02:01am | replies (1)
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Ignoring the sneaking feeling that I must sound like a 70-year-old woman ranting on and on about, "In my day..." , I sit here typing. Alone. Because, and I know it's true, you all have no guts to be the first to write a discussion on them. I JUST signed up and I'm already making history. Whoop de frickin' do. But, anyway, I NEED you disguised Beatles fans, because we all know you exist, or at least, we all hope you do (oh, who am I kidding, I hope you do). And now, back to the discussion topic.

Everyone knows how people say the Beatles are:
+the best band ever
+clean, good boys
And everyone knows how those people are hopelessly impulsive liars. The Beatles did do illegal drugs. They cussed (so?). They grew their hair to their waists. And, yet, we love them (except for the disturbers of the peace who came to disrupt). It's only the liars I hate, and in honor of that fact, I ask you to write your LEAST favorite things about the Beatles, and then write a list of your favorite songs, as I am not a hater, just a preserver of reality.

My list:

1. Across the Universe
2. Hey Jude
3. I'll Follow the Sun
4. Strawberry Fields Forever
5. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
6. All together Now
7. All You Need Is Love
8. Hello Goodbye
9. Penny Lane
10. Help!

And I hate the fact that they broke up. You probably do, too.

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April 13 2010, 12:13pm | replies (0) reply
siewy says:

(1) that the broke up
(2) 2 of them are dead

1. across the universe
2. all you need is love
3. and i love her
4. blackbird
5. come together
6. got to get you in to my life
7. i feel fine
8. if i fell
9. paperback writer
10. please please me
11. she loves you
12. ticket to ride
13. till there was you
14. a little help from my friends

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