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26 March, 09:07am by elliehanagan | comments (0)

The superstar DJ’s third artist album entered at #1 in the Dutch album charts, putting the Brits to shame, with their own Top 100 boasting the likes of Girls Aloud, Michael Buble and, er… Scooter.

Released to coincide with his ‘Armin Only’ event in April, ‘Imagine’ opens with that captivating epic film trailer sound that the Dutch do best. And your attention is kept from thereon in, with all the vocals we’ve come to expect from an Armin van Buuren album set against a bass that we’re not so used to hearing from him.

The catchy beats on tracks like ‘Never Say Never’ mean you’ll be doing your Flat Eric impression without even realising, but there are still enough euphoric moments for you to drift off into your own imagination.

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  • 1.
    Imagine 9:27
  • 2.
    Going Wrong 5:36
  • 3.
    Unforgivable 8:03
  • 4.
    Face to Face 7:29
  • 5.
    Hold on to Me 7:16
  • 6.
    In and Out of Love 6:01
  • 7.
    Never Say Never 6:59
  • 8.
    Rain 7:10
  • 9.
    What If 7:17
  • 10.
    Fine Without You 6:26
  • 11.
    Intricacy 7:06
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