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founded: 1993

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Arckanum is the name of a Swedish black metal band. They performs raw, primitive black metal with some 1980s overtones. The lyrics are written in Old Swedish and deal mainly with the worship of Chaos and Pan. Johan "S" Lahger (or Shamaatae), the only regular member of Arckanum, also plays drums in the rock band The HearseMen.

top tracks
  • Pe Heampndlystne Fran Dimban 4:07
  • Dauðmellin 4:36
  • Paer Vindanir Dvaelies 4:38
  • Teufylket. Rapz Ok Os 4:07
  • Svarti 6:05
  • Skipu Vidit Dunkel 10:08
  • Formála 4:06
  • Naer Ok Fiaer 5:43
  • Sú Vitran 6:25
  • Kaos
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